Are you struggling with tendon problems?

If you suffer from tendinopathy (tendon problems) you know how frustrating it can be. Unlike muscles, tendons have very poor blood supply and don’t heal as easily. Tendons actually need to be used (loaded) in controlled way to get better.  It takes time, commitment and professional guidance to get good long term results. Unfortunately, many people try to take a short cut and more often than not, the results are poor and the frustration grows even bigger.

One of the gurus in the field of tendinopathies of lower limb Professor Jill Cook (La Trobe University Melbourne) prepared a 10 point list of things NOT TO DO  when you’re suffering from lower limb tendon pain. more..


Why Posture Matters

In the current circumstances with self-isolation we all spend too much time in front of a computer, television and/or a smartphone.
Having poor posture can affect your health in many ways, for example the resulting degradation of your spine can make you more prone to injury. You may also experience neck, shoulder, and back pain, headaches, decreased flexibility, loss of mobility, nerve entrapment, poor balance even difficulty breathing and reduced energy levels.