Osteopathy for Dancers

In contrast to most popular sports , dancers have no seasonal breaks or pre-season. That means  that a constant high level of fitness is required. The  duration, frequency and intensity of  the training for dance is rigorous and unparalleled. The dance community however, has been very slow to react to the mounting evidence supporting the importance of  recovery, health and fitness in relation to dance performance.

 Majority of local footy, rugby or soccer clubs have a physio, massage therapist or a trainer to look after their health. Unfortunately , small local dance  schools are not as fortunate.

We have been in the dancing industry for many years ( as dancers) and know the daily straggles  first hand. These days we can only say” If I knew back then what I know now!” well…. for us it’s to late , for you perhaps not!


Did You Know?

  • 80% of dancers experience a disabling injury during their careers
  • 65% of dance injuries are from overuse and 35% from accidents
  • 90% of injuries occur when a dancer is fatigued
  • 98% of dance injuries are treated no operatively

                                                       (Dance Injury Management  By Susan Simpson © DANZ 2006)