Our Approach

At Pure Osteopathy we strongly believe that an individual approach to each and every patient is necessary to achieve favorable outcomes. We are all different and we need different approach to get us better. We believe in a team ( patient-practitioner) approach. Specifically in chronic conditions it is necessary to find and address the predisposing and maintaining factors that are often hidden in the everyday activities. There is a reason why the chronic conditions are CHRONIC…  basically something is stopping ( constantly aggravating) your body from healing.Very often patients develop poor posture and “bad habits” which if not addressed by the patient on daily basis will make the  recovery very difficult if not impossible.

We also work hand in hand  with our Pilates instructors to insure that any rehabilitation program is performed with the exact guidelines of the  treatment plan. Our Osteopaths also participate in the rehab sessions so any issues can be addressed on the spot.

 Lack of physical movement has profound impact on our health and well being. Our cardiovascular system, musculo-skeletal system and immune system relay heavily on our ability to move.  “We were designed to move..” and we will do our best to get you moving faster, better and in far less discomfort if not pain free.

We utilize gentle “hands on”  treatment with evidence based  rehabilitation program to get you back to you glory days faster!

We concentrate on YOU as a person not just on your back, neck or knee.