Imagine an exercise program that you look forward to, that leaves you refreshed and feeling alert with a sense of physical and mental wellbeing. Pilates is a form of body conditioning that will do all this…and more!

Developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s the Pilates Method is an exercise system designed to focus the mind and to strengthen the whole body inside and out.  Pilates unique approach to working the body efficiently is renowned for its long-term physical benefits.  Using  specifically designed equipment  it helps to condition  the body  by addressing the imbalances created either by bad postural habits, injuries and illnesses .  Pilates workouts are designed to allow your body to move freely and fluidly  aiming to restore and improve the bodys natural and functional movement range. Pilates will have you standing taller and feeling physically stronger. Your body is taught to move more efficiently taking your training and sport to the next level or simply making your activities of daily living much easier.

One Step Deeper…….

The focal point of Pilates is the core — the transversus abdominus, multifidus, pelvic floor and diaphragm that encompass and support the torso like a corset. Every exercise is initiated in the core and flows outward to the extremities, resulting in a whole-body exercise. Pilates seeks to develop an equal balance of abdominal and lower back musculature in order to build strength, agility and muscle tone in a balanced way. Each Pilates exercise is a lesson in opposition. Movement in one direction is lengthened and controlled into the next, while oppositional muscles stabilize. This allows Pilates to lengthen and strengthen muscles simultaneously, helping to create an energized, pain-free, flexible and strong body