Shockwave Therapy for Achilles Tendon Pain

Achilles tendinopathy is a prevalent condition affecting athletes and general population.  Often leaves patients incapacitated for long periods. Symptoms can sometimes gradually worsen until the person must stop exercising altogether.

It is believed that it’s a result of a chronic overload and repetitive microinjuries to the tendon . It starts as a discomfort and stiffness that goes away after few minutes and progresses to the point that running or even walking is almost impossible. The treatment is very complex and requires multifactorial approach.

The recovery can take very long time (tendons don’t heal as quick as a muscle or ligament due to very limited blood supply).This can be very frustrating for an athlete or physically active person because impacts their training and competition.

In Pure Osteopathy Noosa we use state of the art technology that has been proven to speed the healing process and reduce pain in Achilles tendinopathy. The treatment is non-invasive and has very little reported side effects. The technology has been used in professional sport for many years mainly because if its scientific proof and effectiveness ! .

Key Benefits of Shockwave Therapy 

  • non-invasive, safe
  • clinically proven and effective
  • breaks up calcifications
  • Boosts collagen production
  • increases blood flow
  • activates local stem cells
  • improves tendon mobility ( increased production of lubrycin)

Therefore , shockwave therapy its considered as a regenerative therapy. This is in contrast to cortisone injections. Cortisone is a catabolic steroid which weakens the tendon and can cause significant long term damage (1)

We use the shockwave therapy in conjunction with exercise program and progressively prepare the tendon to return to full activities.

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Shockwave therapy is a strong option for patients who want to avoid surgery, steroid injections,  prescription medication, and possible side effects.

So What is Your Next Step?

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1.Dean BJS, Lostis E, Oakley T et al. The risks and benefits of glucocorticoid treatment for tendinopathy: A systematic review of the effects of local glucocorticoid on tendon. Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism 2014;43:570–576.